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The war on synthetic drugs in Canada

Country a major producer, RCMP’s Brent Hill says action being taken
By Alessio Galletti

“It’s unacceptable. We will not allow such a thing to continue happening in our country.” In response to a U.N. report describing Canada as being one of the major producers of synthetic drugs in the world, Sergeant Brent Hill cannot be any more emphatic.
The head of the Chemical Division Unit of the RCMP in Ontario admits that yes, the problem does exist but that at the same time, the RCMP will not rest until it finds a solution.
According to your information, which centres are most affected by this problem?
“Based on my experience and in consideration of the labs that have been uncovered in the past, I’d say British Columbia is the area where production is greatest, but Ontario isn’t far behind.”
What is the situation?
“We face challenges ahead. The first is the presence of huge labs that are set up to produce mass amounts of synthetic drugs. It’s no secret that the intent of traffickers is to meet the global demand, and what gets produced in Canada is destined for overseas.”
For example to the U.S.?
“The markets are numerous. The United States is without a doubt among them.”
Is it possible that the production is in Canada because the U.S. has for years concentrated on the war on drugs towards their south?
“No, I don’t think there’s any relation. The issue of synthetic drugs is global, and I don’t feel that’s been a key factor.”
The first major production was for cocaine. Now is it other synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine?
“That’s the tendency, which has grown since the end of the ’80s with the rave culture, with ecstasy. Much progress has been done since then, seeing that in the ’80s and ’90s, Canada still imported these drugs. Today drug traffickers have changed gears and have established themselves within our communities, with operations for large-scale production. This is because there is no shortage of demand: these drugs are popular among the youth during private house parties.”
Considering the number of chemical components present, there’s reason to be concerned.Is that correct?

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