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Enquanto isso na Inglaterra....

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Legalise drug use, say Brits in poll

user prepares cocaine
Danger drug ... user prepares cocaine
Published: 08th July 2012

MOST Brits want to try making drugs LEGAL, a shock new poll reveals.

For the first time, six out of ten say they would back trials in which users escape prosecution — but get better medical treatment.
Under the radical plan — used in Portugal — dealers and traffickers would still be hunted and given stiff jail terms.
The bombshell comes in an exclusive YouGov poll for The Sun.
Last week Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said Britain was “plainly losing” the war on drugs.
In our survey, 56 per cent want ALL drugs policy options to be reviewed — even possible full legalisation.
But 78 per cent still think the sale and possession of killer drugs like heroin and crack cocaine should stay a crime.
Ken Clarke
'Losing' ... Ken Clarke
That figure was 89 per cent eight years ago.
Over the same period people wanting to legalise hard drugs have doubled from five per cent to ten.
More now think that crime levels will fall if cannabis is made legal.

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